How to use this time reporting application with ease?

How to use this time reporting application with ease?

Our program’s base is its consumer time revealing. With added services along with alterations, we are able to fulfill the confirming but additionally functionality demands on most businesses.It might be as simple as acknowledging the frustrating desire to get rid of the brain by using a walk in the sun light, with the knowledge that this much simple attempt at self is simply not a unnecessary workout, but time one could manage.

Various needs

We developed our technologies to be very easy to adjust because of its clients because different companies have assorted calls for.

Easy to customize

They could make sophisticated modifications for buyers whether you may have further exclusive requirements. Utilize the structure being a beginning point, and we’ll build from there.

Which companies are chronox suitable for?

All kinds of enterprises can benefit from our time confirming. Building companies will manage to benefit from your function order program and work orders (arbetsorder). You receive a good point of view of provide sequence managing using chronox accommodating function principles calculations, through operate order organization by means of invoice confirmation.

Accommodating to evolve

The system came to be in order to develop routine maintenance demands which fit the demands of countless a variety of firms. Simply the fabric you want to make the manufacturing orders is integrated to ensure that it matches your employee’s performance.


A complimentary evaluation from the job report is available if you begin this software in a way that you are going to always increase it just as much as practicable.

The pc that may be invest a group place, together with a storing premises and even transforming amenities, can serve as the principle aspect. Staff members may check in and around on this page, along with create an account their info if it’s their first time.

This portable program is downloaded around the owner’s mobile phone as well as displays the areas where the person is confessed. Just on the push from the button, their staff registers inside and outside.